Sunday, March 30, 2008

my new muse.

david cook? no. (but tempting)

a place for cooks? yes!

no, it's not David Cook, from American Idol (although he is rather tasty)...but it does have to do wtih cooking. its BakeSpace! i've become completely obsessed with it. i'm on it all the time, surfing for new recipes and chefs to add as 'friends'. it's like myspace, but for people obsessed with food. if you aren't yet a memeber you really should join!

and make sure to add me as a friend!

i am baking obsessed geek, hear me roar.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

football season is never really over.

although i did make these for a superbowl party, if you love football, why not celebrate it all year 'round?

baseball shmaseball.
(although i can make baseball cupcakes too....and basketball, and tennis....)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

flower power.

nothing says "spring" quite like pink flowers made of icing. throw in a jumbo sized white cake cupcake, a green shell border, and a coat of buttercream, and watch the winter blues just melt away...

who needs 60 degrees and sunshine anyway.

Monday, March 24, 2008

fuzzy....was he?

"he really looks fuzzy!" or "he looks like an actual stuffed animal!" was the consensus of the comments i heard regarding my teddy bear cake. made for a baby shower with a teddy bear theme, it took a few more hours than originally planned to achieve the ultimate level of "fuzziness" that i aspired to reach. mission accomplished.

and the answer is no, he wasn't fuzzy. he was buttercream.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

everybody loves an Easter basket.

ok. today is Easter, so i used this as an excuse to bake more cupcakes (like i really need an excuse). they started off great- the icing consistency and color was perfect- it really looked like grass! so i added a bunny peep and jelly beans, and it all seemed to be falling into place. and then came the finishing touch- the twizzler basket handles. and here's what i learned- always shape the twizzlers ahead of time (curling them inside a cup works well). un-pre-curled twizzlers will pop out of the "basket" and get icing all over the place. luckily, it only took two cupcakes for me to figure this out. also luckily, i got to eat the "bad" twizzlers, with the icing on them. kinda makes me wish i ruined a few more.

the hostess with the mostess

i made these hostess-esqe cupcakes for a friend's husband. my friend liked them so much, she insisted we test one (or two) out before we give them to him, just to make sure they were ok.

they were definitely ok....

the best part was definitely the filling! and you know what they say-- it's what's inside that counts.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Billiard Ball Cupcakes

I made these red velvet billiard ball cupcakes with fondant icing for a friend whose favorite pasttime is shooting pool. Rack 'em up!