Sunday, March 23, 2008

everybody loves an Easter basket.

ok. today is Easter, so i used this as an excuse to bake more cupcakes (like i really need an excuse). they started off great- the icing consistency and color was perfect- it really looked like grass! so i added a bunny peep and jelly beans, and it all seemed to be falling into place. and then came the finishing touch- the twizzler basket handles. and here's what i learned- always shape the twizzlers ahead of time (curling them inside a cup works well). un-pre-curled twizzlers will pop out of the "basket" and get icing all over the place. luckily, it only took two cupcakes for me to figure this out. also luckily, i got to eat the "bad" twizzlers, with the icing on them. kinda makes me wish i ruined a few more.

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