Sunday, March 30, 2008

my new muse.

david cook? no. (but tempting)

a place for cooks? yes!

no, it's not David Cook, from American Idol (although he is rather tasty)...but it does have to do wtih cooking. its BakeSpace! i've become completely obsessed with it. i'm on it all the time, surfing for new recipes and chefs to add as 'friends'. it's like myspace, but for people obsessed with food. if you aren't yet a memeber you really should join!

and make sure to add me as a friend!

i am baking obsessed geek, hear me roar.

1 comment:

bleedingheart said...

i am really regretting not watching Idol this season, I had no idea how hot David Cook was until after he won. Damn!